Special Pickups for The Bust Lolita

I can see there is an issue about the large size gals who in fond of Lolita but due to some well-endowed in parts of their bodies, for example, the chest; I absolutely adore all you blessed girls but the fact that is the big boobs don’t come along with the underbust from time to time :S because being a Lolita is meant to be elegant and wearing something that may draw too much attention on chest is considered “immodest” to some people’s standards, however, as long as you choose wisely about the blouse you gonna wear it under your dress, it should worry less though. 

Here I find some with the high neckline and fewer ruffles on the front part which will ensure draw less attention to your chest 😀


What Is The Bittersweet?

I don’t claim myself as a big fan of big lolita community, so if there is a new trendy slang pops-up, chances are I am the last one who knows it. So the thing is recently I have learned a new word “bittersweet” in one of the communities and seems it has already won quite a few loligals by its alternative charm.  It refers to a sweet cute design printed in black… ‘ so, basically, you are saying a sweet lolita dress in black.” Correctly 😉

Personally, I am not very fond of the traditional sweet Lolita style because it just not ME at all! I mean it’s great and very lovely to see so many people enjoy wearing the sweet clothing but after a few times of attempts, I still haven’t grown to fancy this genre.

I guess I am more into the gothic one not only for it is at its peak but also I deep in love with its *evil nature ( I’d like to refer black to villain side xD ) and makeups so I think I will give the bittersweet a try 😀 

How About YOU? 

Photo Credit: via Pinterest 




When it comes to “Wa”

Wa lolita truly is one of the least known branches of  Lolita fashion. This subset mixed with the traditional Japanese kimono and Lolita fashion. Personally, I think this style fuses the two clothing trends into near perfection:  rich, traditional florals decorated with white lace, layered capelets with wide kimono sleeves, criss-cross corset lacing on the wide obi (sash). I think this hybrid is more striking but less accessible than Gothic and Sweet, for which they can face less awkward moments in days. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Being caught up by the “fever”

This is no surprise for only a few people familiar with the Guro Lolita, a *niche branch which is perfectly suitable for Halloween, by that it’s also known as Gore Lolita or horror Lolita. “Guro” mostly pick up the white dress code in order to make the  *blood stand out and is usually combined with the eye patch, bloodstained bandages. What it wants to achieve is “broken” or “injured” feeling, which derive from Japan sub-fashion and even kinda fetish for particular groups of people. 

Photo Credit: via Pinterest


Today’s inspiration ~ Shiro with Kuro

Recently our Devilinspired goes viral due to a vogue B&W dress. I am sure you loli who keep following us on Instagram definitely did not miss it 🙂 So, today’s inspiration just totally base on the Black and white trendy stuff out of the question and you who find the Gothic style is very interested can barely jump out of it :3 because it not easy to keep Gothic ‘gothic’ if the black goes with white :s 

Photo Credit: via Pinterest