10 Things I in ♥ with Summer

Summer has its end this year, however, large of us still indulge in the holiday mood and it’s quite understandable, so today I just pick up some fun we enjoy the most during the shining days :)) 

1. Dress code and Sports

lolita_lolitafashion_fashion_summer_trendy_fun_lifestyle_goodlife_hoildays_sun_beach_sea_volleyball_play_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Tumblr

2.Outside Activity 

Lolita_lolitafashion_fashion_summer_lifestyle_trendy_fun_goodlife_outside_painting_pinic_organic_green_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Tumblr

3. The food ~ always the food

Lolita_lolitafashion_fashion_lifestyle_daily_summer_fun_food_foodporn_foodie_delicious_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Tumblr


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