The fairytale of Magic Tea Party.

It has been a while since the last time we introduce a brand 😀  So, today I am going to bring you guys another lovely fairy-like clothing brand — Magic Tea Party.

This is an indie brand since 2014, and they have very beautiful printed cotton and velvet dresses, JSK, and blouses etc; Also, they are incredibly good at the classic style design 🙂

1.Red and Sepia 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

2. B&W


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

3. Sky blue with florals 

wide_collar short_puff sleeves_printed_ OP_easter_rabbit_bunny_cute

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

4. Triple colors set 

V-neck Embroidery Long Coat with Waistbands

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

5. Fresh Air collection 

Semi-sheer _Chiffon_Shirt_with_A_Bow_Decoration

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

6. Elegant Azure JSK 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

7. Fresh cream-colored Skirt 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired


The Best of Infanta collection For the Fall

Planning to replenish your wardrobe this autumn? You may already know the famous brand like #AngelicPretty, they provide alot cute, quality clothing, however, they are costly :)) so I’m gonna recommend you guys today is a brand which they offer the beauty of lolita at #BlackFriday price – Infanta.

1.Rabbit & Poker


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

2. Steampunk & Sailorstyle & Carousel


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

3. Rose’s Funeral Dark


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

4. Rose Sanctuary


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial