Special Pickups for The Bust Lolita

I can see there is an issue about the large size gals who in fond of Lolita but due to some well-endowed in parts of their bodies, for example, the chest; I absolutely adore all you blessed girls but the fact that is the big boobs don’t come along with the underbust from time to time :S because being a Lolita is meant to be elegant and wearing something that may draw too much attention on chest is considered “immodest” to some people’s standards, however, as long as you choose wisely about the blouse you gonna wear it under your dress, it should worry less though. 

Here I find some with the high neckline and fewer ruffles on the front part which will ensure draw less attention to your chest 😀


Today’s inspiration ~ Shiro with Kuro

Recently our Devilinspired goes viral due to a vogue B&W dress. I am sure you loli who keep following us on Instagram definitely did not miss it 🙂 So, today’s inspiration just totally base on the Black and white trendy stuff out of the question and you who find the Gothic style is very interested can barely jump out of it :3 because it not easy to keep Gothic ‘gothic’ if the black goes with white :s 

Photo Credit: via Pinterest 




Daily wave inspiration ~ About the Causal Lolita ~

That’s right! Today we gonna pick up the niche one, the Daily/Causal Lolita. A lot of people’s consideration for that is either just part of, or inspired by “Otome” style, well, the rest of them are just simply old school :3 

Here we have a few coords for inspiring you lolis ))

1.Daisy in air 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_adorable_simple_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie 

2. Forget me not 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_sunny_fresh_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

3. Vintage from the back day 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_vintage_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

Special inspiration by Qi Lolita

Among the hardest of the substyles to coordinate Qi Lolita tiers between what is considered lolita and what is cosplay. The seasoned coordinator might have an easier time establishing these styles into a truly Lolita outfit and not have it be knocked down as cosplay or Ita. The element of Chinese traditional fashions is mixed with the lolita silhouette. 

Unfortunately, Qi is not as common as before but there is still some elegant stuff out there :))

1. ” Qin He” ~ Azure Wo ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_clothing_white_darkblue_colorful_elegant_beautiful_cute_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest

2. ” Feng Wu ” ~ Dance of the Phonix ~ 

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_cute_beautiful_phonix_red_golden_elegant_royal_colorful_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

3. ” Xiao Jia Bi Yu ” ~ Girls from the moral family ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_elegant_cute_beautiful_cutegirl_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

The Lolita hairstyle we want!

That’s right! we need some pretty awesome hairstyle to match up with our dress codes,enough with talk let us straight to the point :3 here we gonna present you guys 5 types of Lolita hairstyles.

1. Looped bird

elegant_Looped_ Braids

Photo credit: via Poupee-sapphira

2. Ponytail with extension


Phone credit: via Wearflow

3. Double Bun

double bun

Phone credit: via Emily Strange & EGL

4. Simple Pin Curl

Simple Pin curl

Photo credit: Via Violetlebeaux

5. Bear Ears


Photo credit: Via Violetlebeaux