A few useful Lifrehackers make lolita better

Today I wanna share you a few good habits to get a better life, they are slow but you will get payback at last 🙂 

1. Take seriously to Breakfast 

For a long, we say that the breakfast gives the energy for the day and my daily sets usually contain egg, salmon, cucumber, and mushroom … and rice from time to time :3  “quality takes time” it may need extra efforts but believe me, it worth 🙂

breakfast_vegan_burrito_salmon_rice_onion_egg_bowl_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Delightful Adventure / via A Thought for Food

2. Make your food by yourself 

A better breakfast was just the beginning. I’m greedy one because I like healthy food and want to know what I eat. Nothing could be better than homemade food for me 😛  Why don’t you just serve yourself with healthy homemade salads instead of buying some junkies burgers at corners? Trust me, I feel better day by day 🙂

food_homemade_delicious_organic_vegan_healthy_bowl_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Brittany Mullins / via Healthy recipes

3, Sleep well 

Calculate sleep cycles is the best way to be sure to sleep enough, to get energy and enjoy each day! 

sleep_apps_data_sleepcycle_betterlife_lifestyle_technology_iPhone_dailytipsPhoto Credit: via Dribbble

4.Workout regularly

I must admit I became addict to sport! Even if it’s not necessary to work out as me, I really recommend to try a sport you like swimming to feel better!

fitness_workout_exerices_daily_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Fitbunch

Let’s have a date with Asian desserts!

Two weeks ago, I had a very pleasant date with one of my best friends Chihiro to do language exchange and she showed me the way to a lovely small coffee house near my workplace (❁´▽`❁)  and they provided a load cute and yummy desserts! I feel like to share some top recommends to you :3

1. Tiny sakura pie with Mochi


Photo credit: via Rimpaconcept / via Calorie-gallery.tumblr

2. Tiny Japanese chestnut sweeties with Dorayaki 


Photo Credit: via Wagashiblog / via Justonecookbook

3. Triple Teishoku 


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

4. Matcha Truffles and cookies 


Photo Credit: via Pinterest