Daily wave inspiration ~ About the Causal Lolita ~

That’s right! Today we gonna pick up the niche one, the Daily/Causal Lolita. A lot of people’s consideration for that is either just part of, or inspired by “Otome” style, well, the rest of them are just simply old school :3 

Here we have a few coords for inspiring you lolis ))

1.Daisy in air 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_adorable_simple_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie 

2. Forget me not 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_sunny_fresh_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

3. Vintage from the back day 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_vintage_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

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