Introducing “The Song of The Lark” Lolita Collection by Souffle Song

The oil painting “The Song of the Lark” is from artist Sophie Anderson (1823-1903) who was a French-born British artist , landscape painter and illustrator.

The Song of The Lark Oil Painting

As we can see in the oil painting: somewhere high on a hill, a Bonnie youth pauses from picking wildflowers to glory in the meadow lark’s trill.

Taking inspiration from this painting, Souffle Song (A Chinese original Lolita clothing brand) comes up with the innovative idea that print this oil painting in the Lolita dresses. And the collection of lolita dresses is named the same as the oil painting “The Song of The Lark”.

This collection is specially designed to create an elegant and vintage feelings. And it consists of JSK, OP, SK and a beautiful matching KC. And only one color available just as the following pictures:

the song of the lark jsk the song of the lark op

the song of the lark sk the song of the lark kc

The Song of the Lark is designed to made of breathing fabric Linen, which is suitable for summer and spring. Meanwhile, girls who are not in the scope of size can add extra money to customize the right size of your dresses & skirts.

The following pictures are the feedback pictures took by DevilInspired sweet customers.

the song of the lark jsk @beescuit05

the song of the lark @mintyfrills

the song of the lark jsk @blushpastel

OP SKU: NL-235

the song of the lark jsk @ katiebabydoll

the song of the lark jsk @suiswan

The Song of The Lark collection JSK and OP are come with a detachable waistband. The shirring in the back can be stretched about 15cm. So, chubby sisters can also wear these dresses comfortably.

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