Sweet Lolita Collection “Scented Hydrangea” by Souffle Song

In each of the girls’ faint memory, there is a fantasy dream about herself wearing a sweet dress, lying in the garden in the afternoon and reading on the green meadow or catch butterflies and pick beautiful flowers among the blooming flowers. The Scented Hydrangea collection of Lolita will realize those girls fantasy dreams!

This collection is specially designed to create sweet feelings. And it consists of JSK, SK and a beautiful matching KC, and a hairband as well as a bonnet.

scented hydrangea jsk scented hydrangea jsk

scented hydrangea sk scented hydrangea bonnet

scented hydrangea hairband scented hydrangea kc

scented hydrangea kc

In this collection, there are 7 productions in total.

This collection dresses, skirt and accessories apply a number of elements such as hydrangea printings, bows, lace&flounce trimmings, light and pastel colors as well as tiered design to create the sweet breath.

This collection is designed to made of breathing fabric flax, which is suitable for summer and spring. Meanwhile, girls who are not in the scope of size can add extra money to customize the right size of your dresses & skirts.

The JSK in picture  has a detachable tulle overlay which has a stretch waistband that add the fairy feelings. The bigger bow on the waist is detachable.

The JSK in picture ‚ features tiered design in the front of the skirt and a detachable bigger bow on the waist.

The SK in picture ƒ can match a pure color shirt. The smaller bows on the waist cannot be removed, but the bigger one can.

Finally, here are the feedback pictures took by Devilinspired sweet customers.


scented hydrangea jsk @bubblechutea


scented hydrangea @rabbit winner

Scented Hydrangea collection JSK and SK come with lace up and shirrings in the back. The shirring can be stretched, so slim sisters can show your slim body shape, chubby sisters can also wear these dresses comfortably. Also, each dress or skirt in this collection can be matched with any accessories in this collection and pure color shirts.

You can shop Scented Hydrangea collection on Souffle Song authorized retailer now.

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