Sailor Lolita Collection “Fluting Under The Stars” by Souffle Song

Sailor Lolita is a nautical-themed Lolita style that combines the design of Lolita and the Japanese Sailor-styled uniform, features sailor collars, ties, sailor hats and stripes.

Must to mention that, this style is not the same as the common Japanese “seifuku” or sailor-style school uniform.

The “Fluting Under The Stars” sailor Lolita collection released by Souffle Song show us the so called sailor Lolita style. The following pictures are the JSK, OP, Ouji, SK of this collection.

fluting under the stars jsk fluting under the stars op

fluting under the stars ouji fluting under the stars sk

As mentioned above, in this collection, there are 4 different styles in total. All highlight the Fluting Under The Stars theme through printing, and adopt a number of sailor elements such as sailor collars, ties, stripes as well as the blue&white colors. And it also adopts the Lolita elements, like lace decorated flounce trimmings and beautiful bows.

This collection is designed to made of chiffon, a very often used fabric for summer clothing. And custom sizes are available for girls who are not in the range of size.

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