Ita is Horrible, say NO to Ita.

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Yeah, you already know what “Lolita” is, however, what if someone asks you about what is NOT Lolita… ( yeah, I already saw your face -(¬∀¬)σ)no worry, we always here to help you :3 

#Ita, hmm, it sounds less charm, right? Do you know this term is used to refer someone trying to dress like a lolita but eventually fail it? And make no mistakes, it CAN happen on every beginner just because you ARE A beginner( if you know what I mean :3)


photo credit: via Lolita Mistakes

(looks uncomfortable and mess up, right? yeah, you and me both :^)

The sure thing is you have the right to wear anything you want as long as you label yourself no lolita, however, if you find that Ita is not your inspo at first glance, well then you really need to know a few kinds of stuff :3

1. Buying dress that cheap and small enough for you own good

Why set this for the first one because it can be challenging for quite a few people. Since this is a trend from Japan, an Asian Country, it happens that many lolitas in West can feel uncomfortable, especially the tall and larger size one, however, it depends on where u shop 🙂  so it is important to know if they can provide the extension or Customized service, just like our shop.


(Aren’t she beautiful?)

2. Wearing heavy makeup with adorable dress

Yes, it can happen and it happens a lot. As rule of thumb, you can ONLY wear thicky big eyes shadow when you dress in Gothic style, but no sweet and classic; they focus on cuteness and elegance instead, so be a good gal, tell them apart, will you :3


(ONLY wear this makeup when u dress in Gothic)

3. Leave alone your Anime fantasy

Remember, A lolita does not equal to A cosplayer. Be sure you avoid adding something that refers as to anime. You cannot dress up like #Mumei and claim yourself as Wa lolita because we are not the same even at the end of the world.

4. Choose the color wisely

In common sense, we all know that it will be a bad combo when you mash up red and green in your outfits, so… keep it up in lolita as well.

5. Keep low key at first step

I understand you will be amazed by how beautiful you are in lolita, but bear in mind, try not to mix up different style till you completely figure out the basic. After all, you can easily surrender to the siren voice of kitty ears :3

6. Nothing Sexy

Sorry for those who search for a fresh dress code in their sex life, nope, Lolita is not your prey I am afraid. Keep your cleavage and sweet butt from over-exposure, ladies.

7. Too much lace makes cheap

Being a lolita is a costly hobby, and it is understandable the novice would purchase a few clothes from the brand without a name, none of us wanna pay for a thing less than its worth. so if you are a beginner and it happens you buy your stuff from the less-knowns, check it out to see if they put too many lace.

To be fair, it is not hard enough to become a real lolita, many just didn’t understand the fact well, plus now there are many shops label their dress as #lolita simply because they have lace or petticoat or looks cute and gal just buy it and end up becoming a #Ita. I do hope this post can help you a bit :3

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