Daily wave inspiration ~ About the Causal Lolita ~

That’s right! Today we gonna pick up the niche one, the Daily/Causal Lolita. A lot of people’s consideration for that is either just part of, or inspired by “Otome” style, well, the rest of them are just simply old school :3 

Here we have a few coords for inspiring you lolis ))

1.Daisy in air 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_adorable_simple_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie 

2. Forget me not 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_sunny_fresh_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

3. Vintage from the back day 

Lolita_lolitafashion_casuallolita_daily_lifestyle_girl_cute_beautiful_vintage_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Fanny Rosie

Special inspiration by Qi Lolita

Among the hardest of the substyles to coordinate Qi Lolita tiers between what is considered lolita and what is cosplay. The seasoned coordinator might have an easier time establishing these styles into a truly Lolita outfit and not have it be knocked down as cosplay or Ita. The element of Chinese traditional fashions is mixed with the lolita silhouette. 

Unfortunately, Qi is not as common as before but there is still some elegant stuff out there :))

1. ” Qin He” ~ Azure Wo ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_clothing_white_darkblue_colorful_elegant_beautiful_cute_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest

2. ” Feng Wu ” ~ Dance of the Phonix ~ 

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_cute_beautiful_phonix_red_golden_elegant_royal_colorful_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

3. ” Xiao Jia Bi Yu ” ~ Girls from the moral family ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_elegant_cute_beautiful_cutegirl_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

A few useful Lifrehackers make lolita better

Today I wanna share you a few good habits to get a better life, they are slow but you will get payback at last 🙂 

1. Take seriously to Breakfast 

For a long, we say that the breakfast gives the energy for the day and my daily sets usually contain egg, salmon, cucumber, and mushroom … and rice from time to time :3  “quality takes time” it may need extra efforts but believe me, it worth 🙂

breakfast_vegan_burrito_salmon_rice_onion_egg_bowl_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Delightful Adventure / via A Thought for Food

2. Make your food by yourself 

A better breakfast was just the beginning. I’m greedy one because I like healthy food and want to know what I eat. Nothing could be better than homemade food for me 😛  Why don’t you just serve yourself with healthy homemade salads instead of buying some junkies burgers at corners? Trust me, I feel better day by day 🙂

food_homemade_delicious_organic_vegan_healthy_bowl_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Brittany Mullins / via Healthy recipes

3, Sleep well 

Calculate sleep cycles is the best way to be sure to sleep enough, to get energy and enjoy each day! 

sleep_apps_data_sleepcycle_betterlife_lifestyle_technology_iPhone_dailytipsPhoto Credit: via Dribbble

4.Workout regularly

I must admit I became addict to sport! Even if it’s not necessary to work out as me, I really recommend to try a sport you like swimming to feel better!

fitness_workout_exerices_daily_lifestylePhoto Credit: via Fitbunch

Let’s have a date with Asian desserts!

Two weeks ago, I had a very pleasant date with one of my best friends Chihiro to do language exchange and she showed me the way to a lovely small coffee house near my workplace (❁´▽`❁)  and they provided a load cute and yummy desserts! I feel like to share some top recommends to you :3

1. Tiny sakura pie with Mochi


Photo credit: via Rimpaconcept / via Calorie-gallery.tumblr

2. Tiny Japanese chestnut sweeties with Dorayaki 


Photo Credit: via Wagashiblog / via Justonecookbook

3. Triple Teishoku 


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

4. Matcha Truffles and cookies 


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

The Lolita coords for the early autumn

Many newbies can get confused how to build up their coordinate at first, well, as a loli who already passed the threshold, I am about to show you guys some lovely coords which I am fond of by heart 🙂

1. Country coordinate with Aka and Midori 

Lolita_lolitafashion_swwet_country_dailylife_pretty_cute_combo_red_green_grey_skirt_JSK_OP_devilinspired      Photo Credit: via Pinterest

2. Shiro and Kuro

Lolita_lolitafashion_swwet_country_dailylife_pretty_cute_combo_black__white_flower_skirt_JSK_OP_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest

3. Classic is the thing

Lolita_lolitafashion_swwet_country_dailylife_pretty_cute_combo_white_blue_flower_ribbon_skirt_JSK_OP_devilinspired      Photo Credit: via Pinterest

The fairytale of Magic Tea Party.

It has been a while since the last time we introduce a brand 😀  So, today I am going to bring you guys another lovely fairy-like clothing brand — Magic Tea Party.

This is an indie brand since 2014, and they have very beautiful printed cotton and velvet dresses, JSK, and blouses etc; Also, they are incredibly good at the classic style design 🙂

1.Red and Sepia 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

2. B&W


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

3. Sky blue with florals 

wide_collar short_puff sleeves_printed_ OP_easter_rabbit_bunny_cute

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

4. Triple colors set 

V-neck Embroidery Long Coat with Waistbands

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

5. Fresh Air collection 

Semi-sheer _Chiffon_Shirt_with_A_Bow_Decoration

Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

6. Elegant Azure JSK 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired

7. Fresh cream-colored Skirt 


Photo Credit: Via devilinspired


The Lolita hairstyle we want!

That’s right! we need some pretty awesome hairstyle to match up with our dress codes,enough with talk let us straight to the point :3 here we gonna present you guys 5 types of Lolita hairstyles.

1. Looped bird

elegant_Looped_ Braids

Photo credit: via Poupee-sapphira

2. Ponytail with extension


Phone credit: via Wearflow

3. Double Bun

double bun

Phone credit: via Emily Strange & EGL

4. Simple Pin Curl

Simple Pin curl

Photo credit: Via Violetlebeaux

5. Bear Ears


Photo credit: Via Violetlebeaux

The Best of Infanta collection For the Fall

Planning to replenish your wardrobe this autumn? You may already know the famous brand like #AngelicPretty, they provide alot cute, quality clothing, however, they are costly :)) so I’m gonna recommend you guys today is a brand which they offer the beauty of lolita at #BlackFriday price – Infanta.

1.Rabbit & Poker


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

2. Steampunk & Sailorstyle & Carousel


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

3. Rose’s Funeral Dark


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial

4. Rose Sanctuary


Photo credit: devilinspiredofficial