Special inspiration by Qi Lolita

Among the hardest of the substyles to coordinate Qi Lolita tiers between what is considered lolita and what is cosplay. The seasoned coordinator might have an easier time establishing these styles into a truly Lolita outfit and not have it be knocked down as cosplay or Ita. The element of Chinese traditional fashions is mixed with the lolita silhouette. 

Unfortunately, Qi is not as common as before but there is still some elegant stuff out there :))

1. ” Qin He” ~ Azure Wo ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_clothing_white_darkblue_colorful_elegant_beautiful_cute_devilinspiredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest

2. ” Feng Wu ” ~ Dance of the Phonix ~ 

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_cute_beautiful_phonix_red_golden_elegant_royal_colorful_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

3. ” Xiao Jia Bi Yu ” ~ Girls from the moral family ~

Lolita_lolitafashion_qilolita_elegant_cute_beautiful_cutegirl_devilinspredPhoto Credit: via Pinterest 

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