What is Lolita? And Seriously, how do I identify them?

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Lolita (ロリータ) is a subculture fashion rooted in Modern Japan and it highlights the cuteness and the elegance (in a large part), Which is through the use of a lot of lace, ribbon, and petticoats etc.

In generally, A Lolita is an individual who is dressed in this fashion. And yes, that is all the rules. You no need to blindly follow every single term in the “Lolitabible” like holding up a parasol and drinking special taste of tea, none of them are going to make less of you are one of us. Trust me, we don’t “time-out” you guys even you get drunk 🙂


So, now you guys have learned about what Lolita is, But, there is another problem: how to tell them apart? To be fair, many people think that Lolita is all the same ( *they do ☉▽☉* ) but in actuality, there are many distinctive types and we do the research works just for you guys can understand better :3

1.  Sweet Lolita

“Sweet Lolita is the most ‘child-like’ and one of the most popular of the lolita styles. There is a heavy emphasis on looking cute and girly.”

Sweet Lolita dresses Code photo credit: via Angelic Pretty ~Romantic Rose Letter~ / via 橘玄叶MACX邪恶的小芽 / via Kawaii Starry Night Sweet Lolita dress

2. Gothic Lolita

“Gothic Lolita is a gothic inspired Lolita sub-style. It is characterized by a darker clothing and make-up. It is widely considered to be the most popular style of lolita.” 

Gothic Lolita dresses Code

Photo Credit: via Lady Sloth / via Diamond Honey / via The Lolita Nunnery

3. Classic Lolita

“Classic Lolita is often considered a more mature style that tends to be more historically inspired than other styles. It tends to focus more on elegance and less on cuteness.”

Classic Lolita dresses Code

Photo Credit: via manda-the-stars-shine-bright / via Navy Victoria / via figjamlolita

4. Punk Lolita

“Punk Lolita is a sub-style of Lolita that is inspired by British punk and uses similar motifs such as tartan, deconstruction, chains, studs, and safety pins.”


Photo Credit: via MIHO MATASODA / via putumayo

5.Boystyle (Ouji)

“It is not considered a lolita style but shares many aesthetics with lolita since it is the male counterpart of the style. Although it is the male equivalent of lolita, it can be worn by people of all genders, just as lolita.”


Photo Credit: via Polyvore / via buttcape / via Shiro-ouji.tumblr

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