What Is The Bittersweet?

I don’t claim myself as a big fan of big lolita community, so if there is a new trendy slang pops-up, chances are I am the last one who knows it. So the thing is recently I have learned a new word “bittersweet” in one of the communities and seems it has already won quite a few loligals by its alternative charm.  It refers to a sweet cute design printed in black… ‘ so, basically, you are saying a sweet lolita dress in black.” Correctly 😉

Personally, I am not very fond of the traditional sweet Lolita style because it just not ME at all! I mean it’s great and very lovely to see so many people enjoy wearing the sweet clothing but after a few times of attempts, I still haven’t grown to fancy this genre.

I guess I am more into the gothic one not only for it is at its peak but also I deep in love with its *evil nature ( I’d like to refer black to villain side xD ) and makeups so I think I will give the bittersweet a try 😀 

How About YOU? 

Photo Credit: via Pinterest 




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